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Igor G.

От Жены Ходорковского

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Вот пришло письмо. Толи ее зовут Сабрина, то ли Платон, толи Наталья.... кто имеет более достоверную инфу?


My name is Mrs. Sabrina Platon Lebedev, wife of Business partner of Mr.

Mikhail Khordokovsky, the arrested chairman CEO of Yukos Oil and Bank

Menatep SPB in Russia. My Husband is presently imprisoned by our Russian

government in the Kharp Prison Colony in Northern Russia for their backing

and financing of political parties. The Union of Right Forces, led by

Boris Nemtsov and Yabloko, of the liberal/social Democratic Party led by

Gregor Yavlinsky) which had opposed the government of Ex-President

Vladimir Putin.


I have waited almost 4 years for my husband s release (in August he was

refused parole),and there seems no hope in sight. I desire to get on with

my life and give my children the best education their father would wish

for them, even while in Prison. That is why i will like you to assist me

re-profile and invest some funds. The amount of money to be re-profiled is

US$27,000,000.00 (Twenty Seven Million Dollars United States Dollars)

presently in custody of a financial institution in Western Europe.


My urgency is based on recent information reaching me that there is

directive to banks for all idle funds to be recalled to the ECB. This I am

informed is part of Fiscal Regulatory measures being adopted by the ECB to

cushion the effect of the present global financial crisis and encourage

lending by banks and other financial institutions under ECB jurisdiction.

Do please let me know what you wish to earn for your partnership and

management services. I will be grateful to know you can work with me on

this project. Please send your reply to my private Email:

.When I have heard from you I will give you more information on how we can

make progress.



Mrs.Sabrina Natalya Lebedev.


More of the situation can be read on this website;

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Ты смеешься? :blink: Зачем тебе информация о "нигерийском письме"?

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нужно было отреагировать на пост 7 ноября:)

Как раз бы круглая дата: 10 месяцев :rolleyes:

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Да? А какого буя это сообщение у меня неожиданно непрочитанным/новым нарисовалось? :blink:

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У меня тоже, кстати, оно "всплыло" вдруг.


Видать Котяра кочегаркой угли пошевелил :-)

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Ну он же не суровый челябинский сталевар :-)


Тьфу ты блин, ну и торможу я сёдни :-)

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